Our grading service allows you to determine the originality and the condition of your object in order to authenticate it.

A rigorous grading process
Our experts follow a rigorous set of procedures and manipulations to ensure that each item is meticulously and impartially inspected.

Each object is analyzed in more than 20 steps by our experts and they make sure that it is authentic and not counterfeit. After the analysis, they assign a note to the object on a scale of 10.

At Canadian Acrylic Display, at least two experienced grading professionals participate in the analysis of each object. In some cases, a third expert may be involved in the process.

Article protection
Certified items are then carefully placed and sealed inside our Canadian-designed acrylic cases that provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Our cases help preserve the current condition of the object for years to come.

We have also developed a new method for sealing our boxes. In addition to being glued on 3 sides, we affix a protective sticker on the back to prevent air from entering and damaging the object with glue residue that often overflows inside.

Report and certification (or Grading)
The client receives a report of the work done and containing the comments on the analyzed points. He can see each of the defects or signs of deterioration. As the object is now sealed in an acrylic case, the deterioration process is interrupted.

A serial number and a hologram are assigned to each certified piece. They are logged for life in a database which also contains a description of the object, the valuation notes of the experts, a barcode and the hologram attesting to the authenticity of the object. This information can be very useful in case of loss or theft.

Certification provides instant added value to a collectible item and increases buyer confidence.

More than 50 years of expertise
The owners of Canadian Acrylic Display have more than half a century of experience in buying and selling valuables and collectibles items. Whether you are a buyer, a seller or a collector of collectibles, rely on the expertise and know-how of our renowned experts.

Entrust your pieces to our professionals from different areas of the collection field, such as action figures, toys, models, video games, vinyl records or cassettes. Our qualified experts will pay particular attention to each of your objects to ensure that your certification experience is carried out in a safe and rigorous manner.

A single rate
The working philosophy of Canadian Acrylic Display is very transparent. Regardless of the nature and value of the object to be certified, you pay a one-time fee of $ 38.95. For some competitors, the price of certification varies depending on the value of your item. A brief cost evaluation and comparison of what you can find on the US territory will convince you of the amazing advantage of Canadian Acrylic Display.

No customs fees
By doing business with Canadian Acrylic Display, you save large sums of money that you may not have expected. As a Canadian citizen, you save, among other things, on the shipping costs and customs clearance fees that can be substantial when picking up your items.

Your items may have more value than you think.
Contact our team to discuss or if you wish to dispose of certain items.