You want to validate the authenticity of your items, keep or resell them?
Canadian Acrylic Display is the only Canadian company that specializes in the valuation and grading of valuable goods.

Whether it is collectibles, vintage products or antiques, such as action figures, toys, model cars, or video game items, call on our experts. In addition to the valuation of collectibles, the Canadian Acrylic Display is one of the only companies in the world to certify and protect vinyl records (33 rpm and 45 rpm) and VHS type cassettes.

50 years of expertise

Canadian Acrylic Display has been specializing in the purchase, sale and valuation of antique and collectible items since 1964. Whether you are a buyer, a dealer or a collector of collectibles, consult our experts that are recognized for more than three generations. Entrust your pieces to our professionals specialized in different areas of the collection field.

Protect your collectibles with our acrylics
Canadian Acrylic Display offers acrylics to protect your best collectible items in the long run. Whatever their age, our high-quality acrylics help you maintain the condition of your items and their value by protecting them from damage. Made in Canada, they are available in different formats. Canadian Acrylic Display even offers custom manufacturing.

Order our acrylics to protect your own objects or entrust the task to our experts. Visit the acrylic section to learn more.

Authenticate your collectibles and ensure their originality and condition. Our experts, in business for more than 50 years, analyze your objects in more than 20 steps to ensure their authenticity and give it a score out of 10. They also protect your object in a high-quality acrylic case.

Give value to your object
A certification gives instant value to a collector's item and increases buyers' confidence.

Check out the certification section to learn more about the benefits and the certification process.


Save shipping and customs fees
True experts in grading collectible items are very rare and are usually located in the United States or elsewhere in the world. By doing business with Canadian Acrylic Display, you save large sums of money that you may not have expected. As a Canadian citizen, you save, among other things, on the shipping costs and customs clearance fees that can be substantial when picking up your items.


A single fare
Regardless of the nature and value of your item, Canadian Acrylic Display has only a single fare. Our transparent work philosophy is the only logical solution for valuing your objects of great value. For some competitors, the price of valuation can varies depending on the value of your item. A brief cost evaluation and comparison of what you can find on the US territory will convince you of the amazing advantage of Canadian Acrylic Display.